IPSA ENGINEERING AND PROJECTS is a company specializing in consulting and development of projects in Safety, Security and Fire engineering. In the 37 years of experience in the area of its General Manager, Mr. José Luis Chiuminatto, has spent 25 years as the legal representative of IPSA, along with the team of engineers and technicians, seeks to provide fully integrated solutions that ensure the highest level of protection and security for their occupants, property and the continuity of business operation Our goal is to protect life, investment and business continuity, with emphasis on project efficiency, to develop a comprehensive and effective solution in the design stage. First, it will provide guidance to the client to evaluate the alternatives and cost balancing functionality, interpreting their needs within the regulatory framework and high quality standards. Second, accurate information is delivered to the installer in order to avoid additional principal in the construction stage

Based in the development of the detailed engineering properly coordinated with architecture, structure and other specialties prior to bidding. Finally, supporting the solving of doubts and queries during the construction phase. Fire protection systems will be developed in accordance with the rules and standards of the National Fire Protection Association – NFPA- and applicable local legislation, as well as the application of advanced technologies recommended by the best practices and state of the art for defining criteria and solutions.